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Which BEST describes you right now?


Work is overwhelming.


Business travel is wearing me down.

woman-putting-on-sneakers-at-the -office

I need balance in my life.

Who We Are

Are you like most business professionals, living in a constant state of stress and anxiety?

Are your days spent rushing between meetings and responding to what feels like a never-ending stream of emails, phone calls, and work fires?

If you're feeling the pressure to perform and achieve, but are putting your health on the backburner more often then you'd like... We get it, we've been there too!

The problem is if you KEEP DOING this, that's when serious health issues can start to creep in without you noticing.

The good news is that you can break out of this cycle before it's too late AND without drastic changes like quitting your job or doing some unrealistic fad diet. 

So, that's where we come in.

We help busy professionals integrate work, life, and health with ease (before it's too late) - and we can help you do the same. 


All too often, we put our work before our health.

It’s not that we want to ignore our health, it’s that we don’t feel there’s a way to incorporate health into a demanding schedule.

This is why I started One Degree Health.

I want to help professionals, like you, prevent the burnout. I want you to learn and recognize how to improve your health habits - no matter how stressful or busy your schedule is. 

After all, you're already making health choices (good or bad) every day. We just help you make the better ones.

My goal is to create valuable programs and services that fit your daily life, allowing you to create the balance of having incredible success in the workplace and enjoying amazing health.

Having a healthy, happy life AND a successful career do not need to be a trade-off. 

Get started today by downloading my free ebook “Seven Simple Shifts: Daily Habits for Transforming your Health.”

~ Danielle Atcheson, CEO & Executive Health Coach


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