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We help busy people reclaim their health & vitality with the power of functional nutrition and small habit changes.

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Did You Know...

0 %
of Americans are overweight or obese.
Expected to be 50% obese by 2025.
0 %
of disease is diet & lifestyle-related;
Only 5% is related to your genes.
0 %
of Americans do not live a "Healthy Lifestyle" (Mayo Clinic Study)

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Where are You on your
Health & Wellness Journey?

Where are You on your Health & Wellness Journey?

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We are One Degree Health

We are a team of Functional Nutritionists, Lifestyle Medicine Specialists, and Board-certified Health Coaches that work directly with busy professionals {like you!}, teaching you HOW to lead a healthier lifestyle alongside your demanding career.

Hi, I'm Danielle.

I founded One Degree Health to help busy people learn how to have a healthy life AND a successful career. I’m a Certified Nutritionist, Lifestyle Medicine Specialist, and National Board-certified Health Coach, as well as a former Fortune 500 executive. And yes, that’s me in the pictures. I reclaimed my own health and vitality with our trademarked program, SHIFT for Life, losing over 20 pounds, while balancing a demanding career as a corporate executive…

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