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We are a purpose-driven health and wellness company that specializes in programs and services that teach and empower business professionals [like you!] with HOW to be healthy & fit within your job's structure.

All of our programs and services are grounded on our core philosophy that simple yet powerful "one degree" micro-changes integrated into your typical day can lead you towards your best health.

We are truly a company “Of the people, by the people, and for the people”, meaning that every person who contributes content to our programs and events (including health coaches, personal trainers, mindfulness experts, and even the psychologists) has worked at some point, in some capacity, in a corporate or business environment, so that they can deliver their expertise to you through your business professional lens.

This is very important us as our programs are only valuable if you can actually apply the content to your world.

Our unique programs and services equip you with the lifestyle micro-changes for HOW you can begin to:

  • Reduce fatigue, headaches, muscle tension.
  • Improve your quality of sleep, energy, sense of control, and balance.
  • Reduce your feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and/or depression.
  • Have clearer decision making; improve your sense of ease and calmness.
  • Create a better relationship with Time.
  • Finally release those pesky pounds that just won’t go away!

Our flagship health and wellness program, One Degree Health Shift™ is delivered in an online self-paced format, allowing you to access it from anywhere in the world, complementing your schedule and work/family commitments.


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Health Coaches

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Personal Trainers

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Mindfulness Experts

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We are very proud to incorporate charitable giving into every program and service we develop and deliver, with portions of our proceeds given to organizations dedicated to “nutrition for all” causes, including:

  • Improving food availability for lower-income communities and food deserts;
  • Hands-on food education for children;
  • Food quality issues and food improvement causes

If you have a cause you would like us to know about for future ONE DEGREE HEALTH GIVING™ charitable contributions, please contact us here.



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Founder & Owner of One Degree Health, LLC. Creator & Mastermind of the One DegreeHealth Shift™ Program

Our founder and owner, Danielle Atcheson, created One Degree Health’s One Degree Health Shift™ program and the 3 measures of well-being – Nourishment, Movement, and Environment, after she suffered a health issue brought on by her extremely demanding international work schedule and the habits that tend to go along with that.

In 2012, Danielle, an executive for a well-known Fortune 500 company, found herself gaining 20 pounds within just 30 days. What was even scarier was that it wasn’t “weight” she was gaining, rather her body was suffering from all-over inflammation – as if she was filling up like a balloon. With this kind of wake-up call from her body, Danielle quickly sought expert advice and remedies.

As a result of her working to reverse her “Great Inflation”, she learned that there were things that she had been doing everyday that she could have been doing better over the years. She began implementing incremental changes into her diet, movement, and environment, and saw the results of her “Great Inflation” reversing without needing to do anything dramatic or extreme. Her health improved so dramatically as a result of these simple gradual changes, that she now feels better than she ever has before, handling work and life stressors with grace and ease (mostly).

In 2014, she became so intrigued by what she was learning and the results she was seeing that she became a Certified Holistic Health Coach alongside her executive role. Her goal was to share her health roadmap and strategies with her co-workers, friends, and family, saving them the time and money needed to “figure it out” like she did, and potentially saving them from suffering their own wake-up call, like a heart attack or even cancer.

She soon realized that her true path was to provide others with the roadmap to prevent their own “Great Inflation” from occurring.

In June 2016, she decided to leave the corporate world after 16 years to work with corporate professionals on how they can integrate her 3 measures of well-being, Nourishment, Movement, and Environment, into their busy everyday lives.

One Degree Health, LLC and the One Degree Health Shift™ program were born.

Danielle lives in Denver, Colorado, with her beloved husband. They enjoy attending concerts and traveling, and especially love combining the two. This year they’ll be heading to Palm Springs, California, for “The Desert Trip” 3-day concert with the Rolling Stones and other classic rock bands, and next year, back to Telluride, CO, for their annual favorite, Telluride Bluegrass Festival. Dolly Parton, George Clinton, and Florence + the Machine have been their favorite shows thus far this year.

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To shift the consciousness of health through empowering and transforming the well-being of business professionals [like you] with simple yet powerful lifestyle micro-changes.

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