We are One Degree Health.

We help busy people reclaim their health & vitality with the power of small habit changes. We can help you do the same.

We Help Busy People Get Their Health & Vitality Back.

If You’re Like Most Business Folks:

All too often, work is getting prioritized over taking care of yourself.

It’s not that we want to ignore our health, it’s that we don’t feel there’s a way to fit healthy habits – such as eating right and exercising – into a demanding schedule.

This is why One Degree Health was started.

​We want you to help you improve your health habits – no matter how stressful or busy your schedule is. 

We help professionals, like you, prevent the burnout. 

We help busy professionals integrate work, life, and health with ease (before it's too late) - and we can help you do the same.


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You're already making choices every day. We help you make the better ones.

We’ve crafted valuable programs and services that fit your daily life, allowing you to create the balance of having incredible success in the workplace and enjoying amazing health. 

Whether you’re looking for something for yourself or for your employees, we have a solution that can help you:

Programs for You

You Want to Improve (or Maintain) your Health while Balancing a Busy Schedule. We Can Help.

Programs for Employers

You Need Healthier, Happier Employees. We Can Help.

Meet our Founder

Hi there, I’m Danielle Atcheson. I’m a Certified Nutritionist, Lifestyle Medicine Specialist, and National Board-certified Health Coach, as well as a former Fortune 500 executive and now Chief Wellness Officer of One Degree Health.

At One Degree Health, we help you get your  health and vitality back through small habit changes, using evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine and Functional Nutrition Approaches. We provide private wellness coaching for individuals needing accountability and support, as well as personal development programs, including online nutrition courses.

A Healthy Life AND a Successful Career Do Not Need to Be a Trade-Off

Are your days spent rushing between meetings and responding to what feels like a never-ending stream of emails, phone calls, and work fires?

If you’re feeling the pressure to perform and achieve, but are putting your health on the backburner more often then you’d like…. we get it, we’ve been there too!

The problem is if you KEEP DOING this, that’s when serious health issues can start to creep in without you noticing.

The good news is that you can break out of this cycle before it’s too late AND without drastic changes, like quitting your job or doing some unrealistic fad diet. So, that’s where we come in.

Like many ambitious professionals, I fell into the trap of the Work/Health Paradox: prioritizing work and sacrificing my health (unintentionally) for years; until 2012, when in just 30 days, my body filled up like a balloon, gaining 20 pounds – a result of work stress and not-so-great health habits compounding over the years.

Because of this wakeup call (which I now lovingly refer to as my “Great Inflation”), I learned how to make small yet significant changes which added up to big changes to my health, even in the middle of my hectic 60-hour work weeks.

After reclaiming my health (aka “deflating”) through my integrative approach of simple habit changes, I began sharing my roadmap to wellness with other busy professionals like you through engaging workshopsonline wellness programs, and private health coaching.

In 2016, I left my executive role at Accenture to start One Degree Health, a wellness education company grounded on my core philosophy that simple yet powerful “one degree” micro-changes integrated into your typical day can lead you towards your best health.

At One Degree Health, we provide private health coaching for individuals needing personalized nutrition, accountability, and support. We also produce personal development programs and group workshops, including online nutrition courses and corporate wellness

Having a meaningful, healthy life AND a successful career does not need to be a trade-off, so please connect with me to see how One Degree Health can help you and/or your employees thrive.

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One Degree Health Giving™

We believe everyone deserves access to healthful food. Portions of our proceeds are given to organizations dedicated to “Nutrition for All” causes, with missions such as:

  • Improving Food Availability For Lower-Income Communities And Food Deserts
  • Hands-On Food Education For Children
  • Food Quality & Improvement Causes

If you know of a “Nutrition for All” mission-minded organization that may be a good fit for ONE DEGREE HEALTH GIVING™ charitable contributions, then please contact us here.