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We’re based in downtown Denver, Colorado, and provide our services across the United States. 

The majority of our programs and coaching services are provided online, by phone and Zoom web conferencing.

While we don’t do in-person coaching, you’re welcome to pop by our offices at 1630 Welton Street to say hi.

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Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash

5 Easy Stress Relievers for Day-to-Day Stress

You can alleviate this day-to-day stress by making some small tweaks to what you’re already doing. And the best part, is that these don’t take a lot of time – they integrate into habits you already have.

How to Order a Healthier Margarita

Today is #NationalMargaritaDay! While tequila is touted as a healthier alcohol option, margaritas tend to be sugar and toxin bombs on our system. Here’s how to order a healthier margarita.

Feeling Anxious? Start Clapping

When you start to feel a wave of anxiety come on, interrupt your thoughts with action. Something as simple as clapping, jumping, or taking the stairs can snap you back.