FREE ACTION GUIDE: 9 Micro-Habits that Prevent Burnout

9 Micro-Habits that Prevent Burnout



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Photo by Ponyo Sakana from Pexels

Cleansing Greens Smoothie

My Cleansing Greens Smoothie meal replacement shake is a quick easy way to feed your cells the nutrients they need. Make it for a meal replacement or as a workout recovery shake.

Veggie ‘Throw Together’ Salad

This throw-together salad will have your family and guests raving. Plus, it’s full of fiber, protein, and healthy fats so you’ll be happy knowing it’s keeping your blood sugar balanced – which keeps you feeling satiated and full of energy. Learn more about the power of blood sugar balance for everyone here.

Blood Sugar Balance: The Key to Wellness?

As a functional nutritionist and wellness coach, I’m asked A LOT, “What’s the one thing that I can do to be healthier?” While there’s no one answer for everyone, which is why you’ll often hear me respond with “It Depends” – there is certainly a strategy that we can ALL do that will lead us

Stress-busting Kale Salad

This stress-busting recipe is based on our 13 Stress-Busting Foods over in our blog, Eating for Stress Management. We made it easy for you by combining the top foods into one delicious recipe.

Eating for Stress Management?

We’ve all heard of stress-eating, but what if you flipped it and used foods to manage your stress? If you’ve been reading our blog, you’ve noticed that we here at One Degree Health are huge supporters of using “food first” in healing. Whether you’re suffering with complaints of low energy, digestion issues, poor sleep, or

Mindful Eating: How to Lose Weight by Slowing Down

Eating is the most stressful thing that we to do our bodies every day. The actual act of eating is second nature to us, and something that most people don’t think twice about. Like breathing. Yet how most of us are eating is linked to digestion issues, weight gain and more. Experts refer to the

Eat Your Stress Goodbye – Stress-Reducing Diet

When you’re stressed out, the foods that you’re turning to are most likely going to be traditional ‘comfort’ foods – think big meals, take-out, fatty foods, sweet foods, and alcohol. Let’s face it – we’ve all found some comfort in a tasty meal and a bottle of beer or glass of wine when we’ve been

Picture of colorful nutrient-rich vegetables that are high in antioxidants

Where to Find Foods High in Antioxidants

It seems everywhere you go it’s blueberry this and pomegranate that. And, justifiably so. These powerhouses are nutrient-rich, jam-packed with antioxidants. Why do we want to eat foods high in antioxidants? They neutralize the free radicals which cause cell damage. It’s this cell damage that ultimately can lead to inflammation, disease, and cancer.  Now, don’t get me

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