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9 Micro-Habits that Prevent Burnout


Breakfast Recipes

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Photo by Ponyo Sakana from Pexels

Cleansing Greens Smoothie

My Cleansing Greens Smoothie meal replacement shake is a quick easy way to feed your cells the nutrients they need. Make it for a meal replacement or as a workout recovery shake.

Zoodles with Quinoa & Poached Egg

You may have seen my love for zoodles, aka zucchini noodles, in my other posts, as they’re an excellent healthy food swap for pasta. But how about using them as a way to get more veggies into your breakfast? Enter this recipe.

Almond Banana Pancakes

Craving pancakes? Here’s a healthy version that you and your family will love. Some recipe notes: For the fruit, we recommend using the mango and other higher-glycemic fruits only if you’re eating this meal after a workout. These fruits will help repair your muscles. For everyone else, we recommend using low-glycemic fruits like berries for

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