FREE ACTION GUIDE: 9 Micro-Habits that Prevent Burnout

9 Micro-Habits that Prevent Burnout


Seven Simple Shifts: 7 Habits to Transform Your Health

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woman drinking coffee first thing in the morning

HABIT CHANGE #1: The First Thing That Touches Your Lips…

What’s the first thing that touches the lips of most folks every morning? If you said a cup of coffee, you are correct! After all, America runs on Dunkin’, right? If you’re like most people, you start your day by drinking coffee or some other caffeinated beverage like Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, Red Bull, Kickstart, you name

HABIT CHANGE #2: The “New Smoking”

Today we’re going to dive into Habit #2, the “New Smoking” – which I bet you’re doing this very minute. We’ve all have heard that smoking is the top factor in causing preventable deaths. So, what could you possibly be doing right now that would have experts equating it to the harmful effects of smoking?

HABIT CHANGE #3: Are You Eating These “Healthy Fakes”?

In the last habit, you learned why experts equate the harmful effects of cigarette smoking to sitting, and how damaging sitting 6+ hours a day is on your body and your life expectancy. I hope this encouraged you to look for ways you can start standing more while at work, like creating a standing desk. Whether

HABIT CHANGE #4: The Abuse of Your Largest Organ

In Habit #3, you learned about some of the “healthy” fakes found lurking on menus at your favorite restaurants. I hope you feel empowered as a menu detective for the next time you’re at lunch or dinner. Next up in Habit #4:   ARE YOU GUILTY OF ABUSING YOUR LARGEST ORGAN?   Your skin is

HABIT CHANGE #5: How You Breathe is Raising Your Stress Levels

In the last habit, you learned how you could be making yourself sick every time you apply that lotion or use that shampoo. I hope you took a few minutes to read the labels of your most-used products to see if they had any of these harmful chemicals or misleading labels.  Next up, in Habit

HABIT CHANGE #6: Don’t Count Calories, Count This Instead

In Habit #6 of our 7-part Healthy Habits series, we’re going to chat about the thing you should really be counting, and it’s not calories or pounds. STOP COUNTING CALORIES Too many people think the key to losing weight or getting healthy is to constantly monitor their ratio of calories eaten to calories burned. The

HABIT CHANGE #7: The Monochrome Palette: Get Back Your Kindergarten Colors

Last, but not least of the Healthy Habits 7-part series is Habit #7: Your Monochrome Palette.  LET’S PLAY A QUICK GAME: WHAT DID YOU EAT YESTERDAY? What did you eat for breakfast today or yesterday? Was it cereal with milk or a bagel with cream cheese? Now picture your lunch. Was it a sandwich, maybe some

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