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Seven Simple Shifts:
Daily Habits for Transforming your Health

In this quick read, you'll learn the seven daily habits that are actually making you fatter and sicker, and what you can do to "shift" them to be healthier habits.

Habit #1: The first thing that touches your lips...

Habit #2: The "New Smoking"

Habit #3: Are you eating any of these "healthy" fakes?

Habit #4: The abuse of your largest organ

Habit #5: You're constantly doing this & it's raising your stress levels

Habit #6: Don't count calories, count this instead

Habit #7: The monochrome palette: Get back your kindergarten colors

With each habit, you'll learn three simple action steps to tweak and modify each habit, so that you can start transforming your health for the better ...before it’s too late. I hope you find the content invaluable and empowering!