Wellness & Life Balance

Our Workshops, Seminars, & Keynotes

Wellness & Life Balance

Our Workshops, Seminars, & Keynotes


We are a purpose-driven health and wellness company that specializes in workshops and presentations that teach and empower business professionals with HOW to be Healthy & Fit within their job's structure.

All of our programs and services are grounded on our core philosophy that simple yet powerful "one degree" micro-changes integrated into your employee's typical day can lead them towards their best health.

The average cost of health coverage per employee crossed the $10,000 mark for the first time in 2016 and if that’s not bad enough, that cost is projected to increase at an average rate of 5.8% over the next 10 years.

It’s time we start to reverse these trends. Let One Degree Health show your employees how to take back control of their health.

Meet your Speaker

Danielle Atcheson is an Author, Professional Keynote Speaker, Health and Wellness Expert, and Executive Health Coach.

Like many ambitious professionals, Danielle fell into the trap of the Ultimate Paradox: prioritizing work and sacrificing current health for years; until 2012, when in just 30 days, her body filled up like a balloon, gaining 20 pounds as result of inflammation from work stress and poor health habits. 

After reclaiming her health through an integrative approach of simple habit changes, she now shares this roadmap to wellness with other busy professionals through engaging keynotes and workshops.

In 2016, she left her Fortune 500 executive role to found One Degree Health, a wellness education company that produces personal development programming and online courses that are grounded on her core philosophy of simple yet powerful "one degree" micro-changes integrated into your typical day can lead you towards your best health.



United States: $10,000 USD
International: $15,000 USD

This speaking fee is inclusive of airfare, hotel, ground transportation, food and all other miscellaneous expenses. This fee also includes pre-speech interviews so Danielle can customize her presentation to meet your goals and objectives of your meeting. Additional savings are available if you select her “Pre-Pay Option.” Please ask for more details on this option.

Danielle Atcheson will make every effort to be accommodating and work within your speaker budget. She books her engagements 3-24 months in advance.

To get a quote for your event or business, please call (720) 729-0799 or send an RFQ email to [email protected]


Creating Your Personal Success Formula

Using One Degree Health's exclusive Life Gauge Self-Assessment™, attendees identify the top life areas they personally need to focus on for their greatest health and happiness, including: Health, Sleep Quality, Physical Activity, Learning & Creativity, Finances & Career, Home Environment, Work Environment, Gratitude & Experience of Life, Relationships & Social Life.


Everyone will be empowered with the specific micro-changes and habits each can start implementing immediately to help them meet their health and life goals.


Supports Total Well-Being

Simple Habit Changes

Work Life Balance

Personal Development

Healthy Habits


Employer Wellness Initiatives

Employee Onboarding/Orientation

Conference Plenary



One Degree Health Shift™ Intensive

Our signature online wellness program delivered in an on-site intensive workshop.



Total Well-Being

Simple Habit Changes

Debunk Common "Healthy Eating" Myths

Increase Daily Physical Activity

Meditation & Mindfulness

Food + Mood Connection

What to Eat

Improve Sleep Quality


Jumpstarting Wellness Initiative

Executive & Management Training

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